Volunteer Opportunities available for the 2021 NorAm Cup - Mar 9-25 in Panorama

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Published By: Keven Dubinsky

We are thrilled to announce that we are moving forward with our planning of the 2021 NorAm Cup at Panorama Mountain Resort, set to happen from March 15-25 2021.

With COVID-19 considerations, the NorAms may become a National Championship or a FIS Race. Our team at Alpine Canada, in conjunction with the Racing & Events Team at Panorama, is hard at work with the right authorities to get all the proper exemptions and ensure we have the safest environment for athletes, coaches and of course, our passionate and dedicated volunteers… YOU!!!

Here are the details:

Build Week: March 9-14  
Racing: March 15 DH Training M + L
  March 16 DH Training M + L
  March 17 DH Race M + L
  March 18 DH Race M + L
  March 19 SG Race M + L / Team Event
  March 20 Alpine Combined M
  March 21 Alpine Combined L
  March 22 Ladies GS / Mens SL
  March 23 Ladies GS / Mens SL
  March 24 Ladies SL / Mens GS
  March 25 Ladies SL / Mens GS

We may be restricted by the number of athletes, and the number of volunteers. Things are fluid and as I am sure you can appreciate, could change at a moment’s notice.

To volunteer https://alpinecanada.org/volunteer Password: CANskiteam2019
This will also be used for contact tracing, which will be a mandatory part of the process.
Please fill this out by February 12th.

Mandatory - Safe Sport education https://thelocker.coach.ca/account/login?ReturnUrl=%2f 
The document is also available to download here: https://bcalpine.com/files/Odds_and_Ends_Files/2021/?f=HOW_TO_Safe_Sport_Training_-_Officials.pdf

We have limited accommodation available at Panorama and may be more limited due to certain restrictions in place. More information will flow through once you sign up on the Alpine Canada website. Take care and stay safe!

Barb Kloos & Fran Bates
Chiefs of Volunteer Services
Email: panorama.skiracing.volunteers@gmail.com

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