Conrad Pridy Holds onto 1st Run Lead to Win Gold in Miele Cup GS, Panorama

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Published By: Kathy Stahr

BC Ski Team veteran and leader Conrad Pridy of Whistler could tell he was getting closer, but on Monday he managed to put his two best runs together to come out on top at the Miele BC Cup Giant Slalom race at Panorama Mountain Resort. Pridy took first place with a two-run time of one minute, 58.62 seconds. Second and third spots were filled by Nick Daniels in 1:58.83 and Miles Fink-Debray in 1:59.02, both of the USA.

In the lead after the first run, all Pridy had to do was keep the nerves in check and repeat his first run performance. It’s easier said than done when the pressure’s on, but he was confident he could do it. “I’m relieved, to be honest,” said Pridy after the win. “Deep down I expected this, but it’s been a long time coming this season. I’ve been skiing fast in GS training, but it took me four GS races to finally figure out how to ski two good runs in a row. Because I won the first run, for the first time in ages I was actually a little nervous and shaky at the start of the second run. I think that was good for me. It showed how badly I wanted this win.”

Pridy also told us that, except for the never-ending frigid temperatures, the track on Panorama Mountain is in perfect race condition and the volunteers who have chosen to brave the elements and donate their time this close to the holidays should be commended and thanked! “We’re taking as few runs as we can and spending a lot of time inside trying to stay warm,” Pridy explained. “Everyone is racing with face masks on.”

BC Team Head Coach Chris Mosaed is proud of the entire team. “These guys have been away from home for seven weeks now,” he explained. “It’s been tough on them, but they’ve fought hard through fatigue and the bitter cold, maintaining a positive attitude the whole time. They try to take something good from each day and use what they’ve learned the next time out.”

“Conrad has been laying down some excellent runs in training and today he transferred that to the two race runs, getting the kind of result we have all known he’s capable of,” said Mosaed. Tyler Werry and Matt Leduc also impressed me today with fantastic second run times. I think they were motivated by Conrad’s winning first run!”

The final competition before heading home for a well deserved and much needed rest is a slalom race scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow). The team has not had a lot of time to train in this discipline, but anything’s possible and you can bet there are a few days guys who would love to go home for the holidays with some hardware!

 1  18 PRIDY Conrad  1988  CAN   59.73  58.89  1:58.62 (WMSC)
 2  6 DANIELS Nick  1991  USA   1:00.06  58.77  1:58.83
 3  15 FINK-DEBRAY Miles  1988  USA   59.82  59.20  1:59.02
 4  3 ALEXANDER Sean  1989  CAN   59.93  59.17  1:59.10
 5  21 TROW Andy  1991  CAN   1:00.06  59.16  1:59.22
 6  5 JAMPOLSKY Grant  1989  USA   1:00.32  58.94  1:59.26
 7  16 BAKER Jake  1990  USA   59.88  59.39  1:59.27
 8  25 GOLDBERG Jared  1991  USA   1:00.02  59.70  1:59.72
 9  33 WILSON Garrett  1991  CAN   1:00.55  59.46  2:00.01
 10  19 READ Erik  1991  CAN   1:00.73  59.33  2:00.06
 11  14 CASTON Marcus  1988  USA   1:00.50  59.68  2:00.18
 12  7 CANART Cory  1988  CAN   1:00.59  59.62  2:00.21
 13  41 RUBIE Brennan  1991  USA   1:01.00  59.26  2:00.26
 14  17 HIGGINS Sean  1990  USA   1:00.73  59.83  2:00.56
 15  35 WERRY Tyler  1991  CAN   1:01.52  59.10  2:00.62 (FAST)
 16  1 FLOWERS Kitt  1991  USA   1:00.23  1:00.50  2:00.73
 17  40 LEDUC Mathieu  1990  CAN   1:01.26  59.57  2:00.83 (MWSC)
 18  32 BANSMER Michael  1989  USA   1:01.01  59.93  2:00.94
 19  28 OWSLEY David  1991  USA   1:01.00  1:00.15  2:01.15
 20  8 PRIDY Morgan  1990  CAN   1:01.16  1:00.22  2:01.38 (WMSC)

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