BC Alpine announces returning athletes & 2016 BC Ski Team Training Group

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Published By: Kathy Stahr

Photo from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPhoto from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPhoto from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPhoto from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.com
(left to right - Antonia Wearmouth, Mikayla Martin, Cameron Alexander, Max Kirshenblatt)

Vancouver, BC (May 17, 2016) - The BC Ski Team is moving into the 2016/17 season with some powerhouse veterans! Returning members Antonia Wearmouth (Grouse Tyee Ski Club), Mikayla Martin (WMSC) Cameron Alexander (WMSC) and Max Kirshenblatt (WMSC) will be leading the charge in the upcoming season. These four extremely focused individuals will be challenging for podium positions on the Nor-Am circuit and will undoubtedly be pushing the national development team in every event, looking towards earning a spot at the World Junior Championships in Are, Sweden.

BC Alpine is pleased to introduce the up-and-coming young talent recently named to the summer/fall BC Team Training Group. These racers will battle it out for the summer, with the goal of earning a spot on the BC Ski Team for the 2016/17 race season. They will have their work cut for them as they train and prepare for the rigors of a demanding competition schedule. Congratulations to the following men and women!

Training Group Ladies

Soleil Patterson (Red Mountain Racers)

Kristina Natalenko (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club/VST)

Katie Fleckenstein (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Training Group Men

Kasper Woolley (Whistler Mountain Ski Club/Kootenay Zone Team)

Asher Jordan (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Kyle Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Alexander Valentin (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

We're happy to report there will be no changes to the amazing BC Team coaching staff for 15/16!

Nick Cooper - BC Ski Team Head Coach
Ryan Jazic - BC Women's Team Head Coach
PL Dumoulin - BC Men's Team Head Coach

By way of an update, congratulations are also in order for our BC Team’s Dominic Unterberger (Revelstoke Ski Club) who has committed to the University of Alaska on a four-year scholarship! Unterberger will be joining former teammates Charley Field and Alix Wells, and will continue to chase his ski racing dreams on the NCAA circuit while pursuing a post-secondary education.

“NCAA is a becoming a viable alternate route to the World Cup, and we’re very excited for Dom,” said Head Coach Nick Cooper. “I'm confidant he will excel as a student athlete and I look forward to following his NCAA career!”

BC Team’s Max Peiffer (WMSC) has decided to stop ski racing and plans to attend the University of Victoria to pursue a degree in business.

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