All Area Passes: Submission deadlines and process for 2017/18

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Published By: Keven Dubinsky

What are the costs and deadlines?

  1. Athlete passes will cost $ 567.00.
  2. Coaches passes will cost $ 1134.00.
  3. Members must be registered with BC Alpine in the appropriate category by Aug 14, 2017.
  4. Clubs need to submit the list of athletes and coaches applying via the new web submission by Aug 15, 2017.
  5. Properly completed paperwork and photos must be submitted no later than Sept 8, 2017.

Who can qualify for a pass?

  1. Competitors belonging to an Accredited National Sports Body in a CWSAA Province or Territory, promoting the sports of Alpine Ski Racing, Ski Cross, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding and the equivalent Para-Sports. For greater clarity, ‘accredited’ means the sports body is representing Canada in Olympic or Paralympic, World Championship and World Cup Competitions.
  2. All athletes must be actively training and competing in FIS sanctioned events in disciplines that are part of the Olympic or Paralympic Games, World Championships and World Cups.
    All athletes must meet the following age eligibility requirements for 2017-18. Alpine Skiing and Ski Cross athletes must be born between 1997 and 2001.
    Special consideration may be given to athletes up to two years over the base age range or one year younger than the minimum age with a letter from their respective National Sports Organization confirming that the athlete is under serious consideration for nomination to their National Team in the upcoming competition year.
  3. Travelling Provincial and Club Coaches may also qualify.
  4. Athletes must be full and active members of a Ski Racing, Ski Cross, Freestyle or Snowboard Club in one of the CWSAA Provinces or Territories. All athletes must be FIS point holders, or have applied for and be eligible for FIS registration and hold a FIS card at the start of the competition year.
  5. Athletes belonging to a Club or attending a Sports Academy or National Sports School located in one of the CWSAA Provinces, but not normally residing in one of those Provinces are eligible to receive a Competitors Pass from the quota of the Province in which they are training and competing.

Application Process:

  1. Eligible Athletes / Coaches: Follow the process at to upload your photo and fill in your paperwork. Payments should be made directly to YOUR CLUB, and the club will pay BC Alpine.
    Note: Please contact your club regarding their deadlines, as all dates listed in this article are based on when BC Alpine requires the paperwork from your club.They will require some lead time to compile the paperwork and send it in to us.
  2. Clubs: New this year, clubs must submit all of their requests for passes directly through the BC Alpine Club Admin area. The link to the online form will be found under the "Registration" tab as shown in the preview below, and will only allow you to submit for members who are currently registered and eligible to apply. This should make the process much easier for most clubs and will give you an automatic total owing for the applications submitted. It will also allow you to see which forms BC Alpine has received and which are outstanding.

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