Update and letter to all our members from BC Alpine CEO, Anders Hestdalen

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Published By: Anders Hestdalen

To all Members of BC Alpine, 

As we approach the ski season, and based on the experiences of those who have already been on snow, the recent changes to the COVID-19 restrictions in BC have made it clearer than ever that this winter is going to look a lot different. With patience, teamwork, and flexibility I am certain we will find solutions to the challenges we face and enjoy a safe and fulfilling season. 

When health orders are being established for our sector, the government has not considered the nuances of all the individual sports. ViaSport and a group of provincial winter sport organizations are working with the government to clarify our unique needs and explain how current health orders may present challenges for some of us to operate. 

For example, some clubs have members from different regions. Under the current restrictions certain members are able to participate while others cannot. Also, while an exemption for “high performance” athletes as defined by Canadian Sport Institute (CSI), has been made to allow some FIS racers to travel,  others may not even if they are on the same team and from the same region. These are examples of the issues we are presenting to the government to help them better understand our sport so they can make fair and safe decisions that work for us. 

We all want to operate safely this year and we believe that is possible with your cooperation and all the work you are already doing to implement new health and safety measures at your clubs. Thank you to everyone who is working to make this ski racing season a reality.  Please be assured that we at BC Alpine are doing everything we can to support your efforts! 

We will update the restrictions and health orders on our website as soon as we receive more information from ViaSport. 

~ Anders Hestdalen, CEO


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