UPDATE to BC Sport COVID-19 Guidelines from Ministry of Health and viaSport

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Published By: Kathy Stahr

Update December 3rd.

There has been an update to the BC Sport Guidelines in regard to COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health starts by reminding us that the intention of the restrictions is to minimize the number of people we interact with, and to reduce travel in order to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission. As you know, travel and interactions are a key part of the sport experience, however, during this very critical time in the global pandemic, it is important that all travel and interaction, including those for sport, are limited.

Link to the order:


For BC Alpine members this means:

  1. We are returning from phase 3 to phase 2 in the guidance. During our briefing it was described as “Returning to Phase 2.5” and ViaSport stated that the refined stage 2.5 is something that they are working full time currently to publish. More information coming as soon as it is available to us.
  2. Part of the confirmed refined guidelines is an increase from the 2-meter distancing to now being a 3-meter distancing.
  3. Competition is currently suspended. Although there may be some wording revisions coming soon, current competition Phase 2 measures read “In club play or modified games may slowly be introduced.”
  4. At this time, people travelling to B.C. from another province or territory within Canada should only come for essential reasons. If you do travel, you are expected to follow the same travel guidelines as everyone else in B.C.
    1. What is essential travel? Individual circumstances may affect whether a trip is considered essential or non-essential. Essential travel within B.C. includes:
      1. Regular travel for work within your region.
      2. Travel for things like medical appointments and hospital visits.
  5. Sport exemptions are in place for high performance athletes. To qualify as a high-performance athlete, you must be:
    1. Identified by the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific as a high-performance athlete affiliated with an accredited provincial or national sports organization.
    2. Continuing to follow the safety guidelines of your provincial sports organization.

We are expecting further clarification from ViaSport in the coming days and are asking everyone to be patient, respectful and err on the side of caution when continuing programming. The BCCDC recognizes the important role sport plays in the physical and mental health of the population and would like it to continue. Although this process is very challenging for all of us, we are all trying to do the best we can to get the athletes on snow and keep kids and families active. If we do this right, we are a part of the solution and hope to get back to Phase 3 and less restricted activity sooner than later.

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