February 5 update from Office of Public Health Officer - restrictions continue

Article #3459
Published By: Kathy Stahr

As of February 5, 2021 current restrictions will remain in place until further notice. Please be advised that BC Alpine will monitor any changes and will update this information accordingly. 

From viaSport website: "On February 5, the Office of the Public Health Officer extended this Order. The Province of B.C. will continue to monitor the data on COVID-19 transmission to plan for an easing of restrictions. For full details, visit the Province of British Columbia's of Province-wide restrictions page. For more information about B.C.'s Return to Sport, see our Frequently Asked Questions page."

For BC Alpine the following points are important:

  • “Adult team sport” revised to “group sport”: Group sport is defined as sporting activities involving more than one person and includes training and practice for an individual or a team sport, but does not include sport for children or youth, varsity sport or high-performance athlete sport. Group sport (i.e. sport for those 22 years of age or older) is only permitted in groups of up to two people (e.g. singles tennis or an athlete and a coach training session). Outdoor group sport is only permitted in groups of up to four people (e.g. four individuals may run together or four individuals could run soccer drills).
  • Travel to home club: Individuals are permitted to travel to their home club for the purpose of sport. Home club is defined as the sport organization, club, or facility at which a person is registered for ongoing sport programming. Individuals should not carpool with other participants.
  • High performance exemption: High performance athletes are individuals who have been identified to a targeted athlete list with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific by their respective Provincial Sport Organization or National Sport Organization. A person who is a high-performance athlete who is already training in B.C. may train, compete and travel for that purpose if they follow the COVID safety protocols of their respective provincial or national sport organization.
  • Sport for children and youth means an activity which is delivered by a provincial sport organization or a local sport organization and may include participants who are under 22 years of age, but does not include varsity sports. The PHO Order for Events and Gatherings differentiates between adult and youth sport activities.
  • All participants must maintain a distance of three meters from one another while participating in the sport activity/on the field of play. 

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