Goldie Retirement Bash rocks Dusty's; he didn't see THIS coming after 37 years!

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Published By: Kathy Stahr

Photo from BC Alpine website:

Apparently Bruce Goldsmid has a lot of friends after 37 years running the BC Alpine Ski Association. Almost 300 partiers (cowboys and cowgirls) from across Canada showed up to celebrate a remarkable career and a legendary character! Is it any surprise that every guest was sporting his trademark moustache when he walked in the door?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photos taken by photographer Robert Kwong that night speak volumes!! Click HERE to view the 2017 Goldie Retirement Party photos on Flickr courtesy of Bob Kwong  

Thank you to Whistler Blackcomb and Dusty's for being superb hosts and providing the most fitting venue for our event. Thank you to the Batterheads, talented musicians (and ski coaches) Rob Lahti, Derek Trussler and Wade Christie, for the musical entertainment. Thank you to past world cup skier and standup comedian Mike Janyk for a million laughs. Thank you to ex-BC Team racer Roger Carry for producing the video tribute that moved everyone to tears, and to all the contributors to that video. Thank you to Bob and Clare Kwong for capturing the night in pictures. Thank you to Gordie Bowles for his countless hours behind the scene to make this thing happen, and for stepping up to co-emcee with Mike. Thank you to Dan Falloon, Sports Editor, Pique Newsmagazine for writing about this momentous occasion HERE.

And lastly, a huge thank you to EVERYONE who kept the surprise and either came to the party (some from miles away) or touched base in some way to let Bruce know he will be missed. It was a night to remember!! 

Photo from BC Alpine website:
Special heartfelt thank you to Bruce's family and his biggest supporters (left to right: Eva, Leslee, Howie, Bruce, Glenn and Karine)


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