Best of the Season from BC Alpine - message from new GM, Anders Hestdalen

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Published By: Kathy Stahr

Dear Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Volunteers and Officials in BC,

I would like to thank the countless volunteers in our 32 clubs for your continuous work and commitment to providing kids the opportunity to reach their full potential and become “skiers for life”! You are doing a fantastic job and this is something I can truly say after my first 3 ½ months as General Manager of BC Alpine. Since the beginning of September, I have met more than 400 people involved in all areas of our sport, and what stands out to me most is the high level of engagement and desire to deliver a great product – Alpine Skiing. Our mission is “to bring communities fun, challenge and opportunities for personal excellence through participation and competition in Alpine Ski Racing”, and after having the pleasure of spending time with many of you, I know this is exactly what we are doing. I honestly appreciate all the discussions, insights, constructive criticism and ideas that have been brought to me. Please continue, my door is always open!

Both society and sport have evolved considerably over the past few decades, and in order to ensure we are offering the best possible programs we must develop ideas that will position BC Alpine for continued and even greater success. Our immediate goal as a sport for youth in BC is to make sure we remain current, relevant and engaging. A new BC Alpine Strategic Plan will be in place soon, clearly outlining our direction for the future.

I’m happy to see and report that we have 1,400 more registered members today than at the same time last year, and this is not simply due to early registration. We are anticipating the 17/18 membership numbers to be at an all-time high for BC Alpine, which is great news and tells me you are doing an excellent job!

Coming from Norway, where we have experienced tremendous success in winter sports over many years, I know there is nothing that has been done there that can’t be achieved here in Canada. I believe it is all related to hard work without shortcuts, and having amazing, dedicated people at all levels of the sport. I see this in BC and I am excited to do my part to help strengthen this great culture and the communities that support it.

I am truly proud to work for BC Alpine. I wish you all the best of luck for the season, a very Merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!

We will be out of the office (though often available by email) from December 22nd through January 2nd (back on January 3rd). 


Anders Hestdalen, General Manager

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