All Area Passes: Submission deadlines and process for 2021/22

Article #3496
Published By: Keven Dubinsky

What are the costs and deadlines?

  1. Athlete passes will cost $ 630.00.
  2. Coaches passes will cost $ 1,260.00.
  3. Members must be registered with BC Alpine in the appropriate category by Aug 11, 2021.
  4. Clubs need to submit the list of athletes and coaches applying via the web submission found at by Aug 11, 2021.
  5. Athletes selected to receive passes will need to complete the online portion of the registration process, the links to which will be will be distributed to those who qualify.

Answers to FAQ this season:

  1. Even with COVID-19 situation, CWSAA confirms that their refund policy will hold per item E.4 on which states "Returned Competitor Passes are non-refundable except in cases of serious injury."
  2. Pledging intent to receive a pass by the deadline does not guarantee your application will succeed. Those who have applied will be notified of their application outcome as soon as we can.

Application Process:

  1. Eligible Athletes / Coaches: Please contact your club regarding their deadlines and application requirements. All dates listed in this article are based on when BC Alpine requires completion of steps from your club and they may require some lead time to compile the data on their side and send it in to us.
  2. Clubs: Clubs must submit all of their requests for passes directly through the BC Alpine Club Admin area. The link to the online form will be found under the "Registration" tab as shown in the preview below, and will only allow you to submit for members who are currently registered and eligible to apply. This should make the process much easier for most clubs and will give you an automatic total owing for the applications submitted.