IMPORTANT information & updates regarding upcoming FIS race series in BC

Article #3472
Published By: Kathy Stahr

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on professional and amateur sport organizations, both globally and nationally. Ski racing in Canada has not been exempt!

With differing provincial health orders from coast to coast, identifying clear rules for training and competition has been difficult. This, combined with the International Ski Federations (FIS) rules for hosting, has unfortunately made it impossible to host the FIS sanctioned competition as planned in BC.

The inability to overcome these two factors, and to present clear and concise rules and documentation to create a fair and equitable race environment for Canadian ski racers, has led to the cancellation of the Panorama, BC series scheduled for April 5th -11th.

We are forced to make changes to the the Kimberley, BC series as well. This series will only be open to BC registered athletes on the CSI High Performance list. 

For information on FIS International entries please see the race notice.