Return to Sport Restart 2.0 released by viaSport, in effect until at least June 15

Article #3488
Published By: Keven Dubinsky

Today viaSport (an independent non-profit organization that strengthens amateur sport through managing the Government of B.C.’s investment in the sector) has released information about the newly developed Return to Sport 2.0 Restart plan for BC. This plan immediately supersedes the previous Return to Sport model which had been used throughout the pandemic to this time. Importantly, this means that sport groupings (i.e., Group A, B, C and D sports) as well as cohort models are no longer in place. Instead, the recommendations are that sports follow the restrictions based on whether the sport activity is taking place indoors or outdoors.

There will be many changes for our sport summer training based upon these new rules, and expectations are that the current restrictions will be changing again either mid June or end of June. For now, we are still only allowed travel to our home clubs for training and activities, however outdoor activities for youth no longer have group size restrictions, and physical distancing while in field of play is no longer required.

Further information and links to the new Return to Sport (RTS) 2.0 information can be found below.

RTS Restart 2.0 FAQ   RTS Restart 2.0 Chart

Clubs looking for more information or clarifications about how this may impact your activities may contact Keven Dubinsky for further information.