Respect in Sport Program Information - Learn it, Live it and Pass it on!

Article #3160
Published By: Kathy Stahr

Further to the presentations and discussions at the annual Member Summit/AGM and coaches meetings, BC Alpine has proceeded with implementation of the Respect Group programs. In taking this action BC Alpine is following the lead of Alpine Canada Alpin who have established a formal relationship with Respect Group Inc. (RGI) to educate and empower ACA staff, coaches and athletes.

All BC Alpine staff and board members are expected to complete the Respect in Sport Activity Leader program to ensure that they are equipped with the fundamental understanding of how to build and maintain a culture of respect in our sport. They are also expected to complete the Respect in Sport Parent program to ensure that they are able to speak competently about each program to our members and stakeholders. Both programs feature on-line delivery accessed through self-registration and completion of a PayPal payment process.

All clubs are advised to adopt the Respect in Sport programs to enlighten and educate their members and coaches on the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. All BC clubs are listed within the system to enable users to associate themselves with their home club for reporting purposes. Any club or organization wishing to cover the cost of the program for their users may contact RGI directly to obtain a pre-registration code to be used in lieu of the PayPal mode. Club leaders can request Administrator's rights for those who wish to run progress reports.

Clubs may also find it beneficial to encourage their athletes to complete the Activity Leader program, as many of them are actively involved with younger athletes and are viewed as leaders within the community. This education will enable each athlete to speak confidently and competently about topics related to Respect in Sport and to demonstrate through their own behaviour appropriate ways of interacting with others.

Concurrent with the implementation of the Respect in Sport programs, BC Alpine is in the process of updating a number of related policies and will post these on our website once the updates have been reviewed and formally approved.

For more information on the RGI programs please contact:

Roland Vidal - Project Manager
t: 514.591.9248

Click HERE for Respect in Sport Activity Leader and Parent instruction documents