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Published By: Kathy Stahr

Coaches BC Legacy Grants

The Coaches BC Legacy Fund was set up in 2013 with the goal of encouraging more community level coaches to become involved, to further their education, and to receive training and/or certification. As a result, four coach grant categories have been created to assist provincial sport organizations, community clubs and coach developers. Eligible applicants are invited to apply with the intent of utilizing/distributing it to coach developers as grants ranging from $100- $600.

Please note that although you can apply for up to $600, the current pot of money does not allow us to award the full $600 in every category. Funds are limited, and therefore, careful consideration should be taken to the need and impact of the funding before applying.

Northern BC Coaching and Officiating Development Fund  

The Northern BC Coaching and Officiating Development Fund is a localized initiative, supported in part by the Northern Sport Strategy, created to provide support for coaching and officiating development leading up to the 2015 Canada Winter Games and beyond. Recipients of this grant can use the funding to reduce the cost of their training and/or certification courses, in turn helping to increase accessibility to coaching and officiating development.

Who can apply?

Community groups who:


Provincial sport organizations who:


Individuals who:

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