Online Sport Participant COVID-19 Agreement for BC Alpine Clubs

Article #3420
Published By: Keven Dubinsky

As many clubs have started implementing the COVID-19 Return to Sport Plan using the Sport Participant COVID-19 Agreement and have been looking for an easy way to manage and track those forms, BC Alpine has created an online version of the form for clubs to use.

Clubs can enable this online form via the Club Admin Database and have multiple methods of customizing the process which we hope will make it easier for them to integrate into their existing processes.

A test version of the agreement is available at to test. Please feel free to submit anything you would like to on it the test records only go to Keven in our office.

How to enable the online agreement for your club:

  1. Log into the Club Admin Database and click the new “Athlete Agreement” button.
    Initially you will see an editable version of the agreement text, which you can customize to match the wording your club requires, and then a pull down menu to set the form as “Enabled” or “Disabled”.
  2. Submitting the form with the option set to “Enabled” will activate the form for your club at the URL:{CLUBCODE}/ with {CLUBCODE} being the official  ACA recognized club code found at
  3. Once enabled a few additional options appear in the management page.
    1. “Agreement Status” – Brings you back to the first page (step 1 above) where you can alter the agreement text and enable/disable the agreement for your club.
    2. “Other Options” – Allows you to add customize:
      1. “Top of the Agreement”: Text and/or your club’s logo to the top of each page of the agreement process. We recommend clicking the “Image” icon,  uploading a small (~300pixel square) version of your logo and then centering it. If you require help with that, feel free to reach out to Keven who can assist.
      2. “Thank You Page”: What is shown on the final page after someone signs. This could include information about the next steps you would like people to take, or a reminder that this form needs to be filled out each and every day that they are participating in activities.
      3. “Redirect URL”: If you would like to redirect people signing to a specific website location after they sign, you can set that URL and post signing the “Thank you page” will redirect them to that URL.
    3. “Email Notifications” – The club can add  email address(es) that should receive notifications of online agreement signatures. As the intent of the agreements is for them to be signed each day of participation, the email will show the current sign up as well as include below a listing of all of the signatures so far for that calendar date. This email notification is handy for people managing activities to only need to view the latest notification and view a list of the entire group of people that have signed for that date in a single spot, so we would suggest that the email addresses of the current activity coaches and administrators be included so that any of them can check that the participants have completed the agreement for that day.
    4. “View signatures” – Allows reporting and exporting of captured form information by date or by attendee. This would be useful in a situation where an attendee shows symptoms, a report could first be generated with which days they attended, and then a report for each day could be generated so that all attendees who were there on those dates could be contacted.