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Age group: Competitors aged 18 - 80+ (as of December 31)

Masters is recreational racing for adult alpine skiers range from events sponsored by local ski clubs and ski areas, to national and international Masters competitions that are sanctioned by BC Alpine Ski Association, Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) and the International Ski Federation (FIS). Masters courses are set on normal race terrain using specific guidelines for the four alpine disciplines: slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. GS events traditionally attract the largest number of Masters participants.

Successful blending of camaraderie, love of challenge and peer-group competition are major attractions of Masters Racing. In addition to the satisfaction of training and racing to fulfill one's personal goals, racing in Masters events introduces mature racers to a highly social and friendly group of like-minded adults from all walks of life. Most clubs will accept Masters racers in their local programs. Masters racing welcomes "late bloomers" who took up recreational racing later in life as well as former racers who choose to resume competition at an age when time, money and family allows it. Higher-caliber national and international Masters events offer continuous competition opportunities for mature athletes who have raced at the junior, senior, university or higher levels of performance. Masters with low national points are invited to enter local non-FIS junior races.