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Welcome to ski racing in B.C.!

At its roots, ski racing is a simple sport: the fastest skier from the top to the bottom wins. But the sport of alpine ski racing requires great skill, strength, agility, balance and technique, therefore, requires the introduction of skills and techniques from professional coaches in a systematic fashion.

All BC Alpine programs emphasize growth, development and maturation, and the appropriate phases of alpine ski racing: Gliding Start, Skier Essentials, Learn to Train, Learn to Race, Train to Race, Train to Win, Skiing For Life.

BC Alpine has a mandate to support its ski clubs in the delivery of programs for children aged 4-20 and beyond. All programs in the province are designed and supported by Alpine Canada Athlete Integration Model (AIM 2 WIN) and principles of the Long Term Athlete Development model and the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L).

Ski racing offers the rare combination of developing a lifelong sport with continual personal challenges and growth opportunities in an environment that thrives on friendship and family involvement.

BC Alpine programs: