Canada West All Area Passes Application Form for the 2021-22 Season

Article #3500
Published By: Keven Dubinsky

The following list of members (by club) has been approved for a CWSAA All Areas Pass for the 2021-22 season.  These members need to complete the online waiver and upload their pass photo as soon as possible.  Links to the waiver and photo uploader are found below the list of approved names along with instructions on using the online waiver signing application.
If you feel any names are in errors or are missing, contact Keven Dubinsky immediately!

Black Dogs Ski Club: 
Lauren Koper, Michael Koper

Fernie Alpine Ski Team:
Joy Attalla, Kaleb Barnum, Ewan Carter, Brett Christie, Ann Coffyne, Anna Fleming, Megan Hawkins, Emmett Koles, Blair Magee, Niya McFarlane, Eric Schwenck, Dylan Timm, Jessica Timm, Rod Timm, Liam Vanhooren, Tyler Werry

Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club:
Andrea Adorno, Sofia Blouin, Lucas Chan, Emma Denton, Graeme Eder, Noah Fischer, Easton Fussell, Cordelia Hultman, Addie Jaager, Cole Macdougall, Titouan Olanié, Mila Plavsic, Taylor Slater, Dylan Stevens, Kelsey Themens

Kimberley Alpine Team
Nela Buchar, Ben Cohen, Dayne Elliott, Mataya Nelson, Aquinna O'Grady

Okanagan Ski Team:
Marcus Athans, Sienna Blaser, Finley Cashin, Lauren Clancy, Amy Clark, Takoda Ito, Samantha Lawlor, Shayna Little, Ella Mills, Molly Raymond, Rowan Smith, Heming Sola, Derek Trussler, Oliver Young

Prince George Ski Club:
Charlotte Gibson, Isaac Hausot, Adrian Scrooby

Red Mountain Racers:
Marcus Hamm, Heiko Ihns, Philip Patterson

Sasquatch Mtn Ski Club:
Tori Charlie, Patricia Safar

Sun Peaks Alpine Club:
Liam Applegath, Brynn Applegath, Euan Currie, Samantha Fournier, Chloe Hurst, Talyn Lorimer, Micah Schwirtlich, Devin Wittig

Vernon Ski Club:
Hayley Dibski, Kadyn Farrer, Natalie Fux, John Newton, Claire Richardson, Gerrit Van Soest, Lauren Williams

Whistler Mountain Ski Club:
Emeline Bennett, Isabelle Bexton, Dylan Boyd, Alexa Brownlie, Isabella Cross, Sarah Culver, Andrew Forsgren, Sascha Gilbert, Ries Holmes, Erin Husken, Richard Jagger, Curtis Jepsen, Tait Jordan, Ella Kaufmann, Gigi Kranjc, Kaitlyn Maloney, Jack Morrow, John Nicolls, Ella Renzoni, Nathan Romanin, Duncan Ross, Jasper Shea, Matthias Shorter, Felix Shorter, Jacqueline Smith, Sara Stiel, Jack Thomas, Adam Usher, Alec Waldrum, Sarah-Elizabeth Whelan, Henry Yeigh

Please note that the "Digital Waiver" and "Photo Upload" have separate links and are hosted in different sites but both must be completed before you will receive your All Areas Pass. Once you have completed both steps, make sure you reach out to your teammates who are also on the list and make sure that they also have completed both steps as all members must complete them before the passes will be printed and distributed to anyone.


STEP 1: Digital Waiver

1Risk Digital Waiver Link
CWSAA is excited to be partnering with 1Risk again on the digital waiver for the upcoming 2021-22 season.

Tips on filling out the digital waiver:

The digital form is best filled out on a hand held device.  If using a PC to fill out the form, the web browser must be either Chrome or Fire Fox.  Not adaptable with Internet Explorer.

All passholders under the age of 19 will require parent/guardian’s initial on the release.  

A limitation within the digital form are the initial boxes.  When the blue initial boxes appear within the waiver, both boxes must have an initial or you wont’ be able to proceed to complete the form.  If the passholder is over the age of 19, they will need to also initial the 2nd box in order to advance forward in the form.

Filling out form:

The first part of the form is where the passholder or parent/guardian if athlete is under ‘19’ must initial that they have read the following:

(The signee can either use their finger to initial or the mouse cursor if using a PC.  Can not type in initials.)

  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risks Agreement
  • Information on CWSAA Competitors Pass & Alpine Responsibility Code
  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risks

Waiver Progress Information:  this is where the legal age athlete or parent/guardian enter in their personal information at the bottom of the page, please remember to select one of the following options:

  • I am an Adult with no Minors to sign for
  • I am an Adult that will be participating and have Minors to sign for
  • I am an Adult Guardian (not participating) signing for minors 

STEP 2: Photo Upload AAP Photo Upload Page

Please remember that CWSAA requires that you fill in your affiliation as "BC Alpine" not your ski club as they categorize the passes by provincial governing body and do not know which one each club belongs to. This will help sort all the photos more efficiently and lead to less delays that may occur if your club name is used.

Reminder - Photos must meet the following guidelines:

  • Photos must be in a jpeg format
  • Photos must be taken against a plain white or lightly coloured background
  • The photo must be taken 5 to 6 feet from the person
  • The lighting must be uniform to avoid shadows across the face
  • No hats or sunglasses/goggles
  • The photos must show a full front view of the face and top of the shoulders squared to the camera